For Acne-prone Skin

Say goodbye to pimples, hormonal acne and breakouts for good! We’re here to support you on your journey to achieving clearer and healthier skin!

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Save $10

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Introducing Our Acne-Prone Skin Collection: Embrace Your
Journey to Clear, Happy Skin!

Say goodbye to pimples, hormonal acne and breakouts for
good! We’re here to support you on your journey to achieving clearer and healthier skin!

The Tea Cleanser: Voted the Best Cleanser for Acne in

Need a buddy to fight off those pesky pimples? Meet our Tea Cleanser, the superhero your skin's been longing for! With the magic of aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extracts, it gently cleanses away dirt, excess oil, and those sneaky impurities that mess with your glow. Get the best
cleanser for acne, and let your skin breathe easy!

The Flower Face Cream: Daily moisturiser for Happy,
Blemish-Free Days

We believe moisturisers should make you and your skin happy, not the other way around! That's why our lightweight, soothing and hydrating moisturiser is here to save the day. Give your skin the hydration it craves
without worrying about clogged pores. It's like a big, comforting hug for your face, leaving it soft and radiant!

Calming, Soothing Serum: Sending Love to Your Skin

Our Le Calme Serum is like a gentle love letter to your
skin, soothing and calming even the trickiest of breakouts! With natural botanical extracts of Gotu Kola, Mushrooms and Pentavitin, it's a recipe for peace and tranquility. Wave goodbye to redness and say hello to a happier, calmer and clear skin!

Konjac Sponges: The Gentle Glow Booster

Who says exfoliating can't be gentle and fun? Meet our eco-friendly Konjac Sponges, your new skin-loving BFF! It's made from the konjac root, so it's as gentle as can be. Buff away dead skin cells and let your natural radiance shine through. Your skin will thank you with a big, clear smile!

Nature's Goodness, Made with Love

You deserve the very best, and that's why we've only put in nature's finest ingredients, free from any harsh stuff. No harsh ingredients here, just pure, loving care for your precious skin. Feel the difference and fall in love with your skincare routine all over again!

Ready to Embrace Happy, Clear Skin?

It's time to break up with breakouts and say yes to clear,
happy skin! Our Acne-Prone Skin Collection is at your service, ready to transform your skincare game. Shop now and let the magic begin. Your journey to glowing skin starts here, and we couldn't be more excited to be part of it! 🌟

The key is keeping your skin clear and unclogged. Cleansing is important, but it has to be mild and gentle or
you’re in Flare Up City. Our Tea Cleanser is non-irritating, gentle, and can help clear out impurities, great for oily/combo skin. While Silky Milky Cleanser works wonder for dry, mature or super sensitive skin.

Our second hot tip, do not let dead skin cells build up! Once or twice a week, we recommend exfoliating with the Smooth & Glow Exfoliator, which is extremely gentle and nourishing. Last but not least, you can use either Le Calme Serum, to soothe the redness, or the Seed Face Oil, to balance congested skin.

Need to get everything in one click? Our Calm and Clear Bundle is here for the rescue!