Our Story

It’s called skincare, not skin-don’t-care

When you are not happy and comfortable in your skin, it affects everything! Your self-esteem, social life dwindles cause makeup just makes it angry.

Be Fraîche was born, not to be another quick fix, but to be your skin & life's anchor. Made from the most powerful & soothing natural ingredients from the East & the West, Be Fraîche products are designed to calm, soothe, and protect, helping your skin to find her smile.

So as a by-product of creating something gentle, natural, and effective for you, our sensitive Belles, Be Fraîche is basically making you happier and therefore nicer people to live with. Boyfriends, husbands, sisters and colleagues can express their thanks here merci@befraiche.com.au 😉

Meet Helen, the O.G BFF

She’s the all-round creator of Be Fraîche and the original sensitive skin Belle (say hey girl!). She knows how it feels to be battling inflamed, dry skin, so when she couldn’t find a product on the market that suited her sensitive skin needs, she decided to make one herself.

It all started back when Helen was traveling around Europe with her friend. Her skin was super angry and nothing would calm it but a pack of oats and a cucumber. A mini in-dorm facial later and hallelujah! Calm skin for the win!

It was then Helen decided to bring a truly natural skincare range to the market, so she went on to study Skincare Formulation in the UK then travelled to Grasse, France to study Perfumery. There, she fell in love with the relaxed, low maintenance lifestyle in the South of France where natural beauty was celebrated and everyone was comfortable to be themselves. ‘Parfait!’ Helen thought and knew this would be the foundation and philosophy behind Be Fraîche.

Your BFF (Be Fraîche Face)

You’ve probably heard us talking about our BFF. Not to brag but she’s the best friend a Belle could ask for. She’s reliable, forever happy, and calm under pressure. She’s our Be Fraîche Face, our BFF - hopefully she’s yours too. We refer to our face as our best friend forever because at the end of the day that’s what she is. We’re partners on our sensitive-skin journey and we’ll never leave a sister behind.

Feelin it? Check out the 5 valid, foolproof reasons to choose Be Fraîche to be your skin's bff.

 Did you know we’re vegan, cruelty-free, made and owned in Australia?