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About Us

We’re an Australian-owned company that creates natural, gentle skincare for belles who want to find REAL comfort in their skin, even the sensitive ones!

Our brand. Literally meaning ‘Be Fresh’ (‘Fraîche’ is the French feminine form of ‘Fresh’), we believe that your skincare routine should be uncomplicated and rewarding – a little moment of twice daily indulgence. And because we understand your time spent on unsuitable products could be better spent elsewhere, we created a simple range of high-quality products that will comfort your skin while keeping it healthy and happy!

Our differences. We fuse together the most powerful Asian and Western ingredients to create our unique range. Each ingredient was hand-picked, lab-tested, and thoughtfully formulated by our founder, Helen. She made this especially for her

Our products. All our products are free from parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, PEGs, silicones, aluminium, synthetic fragrances and colourings. Only volunteering belles and beaux in our friendly circles have tested our products, no animal testing of any kind.

Our promise. Gentle yet nourishing, pure yet effective, we believe in the power of nature. Delivering this to you is our promise.

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