FAQs - Skin Types & Usage

We’re talking all things different skin types, what are the best products for you and how to best use them. Basically, we've got you covered.

We got you Belle. Our products are irritant-free and don’t contain anything that may aggravate your eczema/psoriasis. In fact, we recommend the Seed Face Oil for its super-moisturising property and the Flower Face Cream, as it contains edelweiss extract, oatmeal extract and calendula extract, which are known to soothe skin inflammation and redness.

It’s literally made for you! Be Fraiche skincare is designed to be non-irritating because our founder, Helen, is also a sensitive Belle.

We recommend starting with the Flower Face Cream as it contains amazing anti-inflammatory ingredients, plus antioxidants. Layer the Seed Face Oil at night under your cream for a moisture boost, if you have dry and sensitive skin. With the Smooth & Silky Exfoliator, we recommend using it once or twice a week only (to avoid over-exfoliating your skin).

However, since everyone’s skin is different, we always recommend doing a patch test before first use (in the rare case that you are allergic to one of the ingredients we use!).

Sounds too good to be true but all of them. Oily skin also needs moisture so that the sebaceous glands don’t over-produce sebum (we know our stuff right?). The key for oily skin care is BALANCE and our range is tailored for this. Along with exfoliating with the Smooth & Silky Exfoliator, and cleansing with the Tea Cleanser, you can choose either the Flower Face Cream or the Seed Face Oil as your daily moisturiser (or use them alternately). Your skin should feel amazing and less oily after only a month or two of using our products!

Everything you need Belle is in our Dry Skin Bundle. Try layering our Seed Face Oil with the Flower Face Cream at night for the ultimate BFF. Together they deeply moisturise, smooth out your fine lines, and replenish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins - lush! Also, remember to remove those dry, dead skin cells twice a week with the Smooth & Silky Exfoliator. Your natural radiance will shine through in no time.

The worst, say no more! The key is keeping your skin clear and unclogged. Cleansing is important, but it has to be mild and gentle or you’re in Flare Up City. Our Tea Cleanser is non-irritating, gentle, and can help clear out impurities, great for oily/combo skin. While Silky Milky Cleanser works wonder for dry, mature or super sensitive skin.

Our second hot tip, do not let dead skin cells build up! Once or twice a week, we recommend exfoliating with the Smooth & Silky Exfoliator, which is extremely gentle and nourishing. Last but not least, you can use either the Flower Face Cream, to soothe the redness, or the Seed Face Oil, to balance congested skin.

Try the Dry Skin Bundle! You’ll love the Smooth & Silky Exfoliator which doubles as a scrub and a mask, as well as the Seed Face Oil, which contains only the best nourishing beauty oils. For optimal results, we recommend layering the Seed Face Oil underneath the Flower Face Cream at night.

You’re in the right place, Belle. The earlier you start on natural skincare and antioxidants, the better for your skin. Our Starter Set is the perfect first step for your skin (and it won't hurt your wallet either!). Click here to give it a go.

Good question! While both are gentle on the skin, they’re formulated differently for different skin types.

Tea Cleanser is great for normal to oily/combo skin or for when you’re sweating it out on a hot summer day or a killer session at the gym. It’s perfect to remove makeup, too!

Silky Milky Cleanser is a light & nourishing cleansing milk for all skin types and works wonder as a daily cleanser for normal to dry and even super sensitive skin. The aim is to gently cleanse but still retain the natural oil on dry skin. Beauté!

Bien sure - skincare doesn't discriminate! We recommend our Tea Cleanser and Seed Face Oil to start with. Fun fact - we plan to launch a men's range in the near future, so stay tuned!

Our Tea Cleanser is gentle and greatly benefits oily and combination skin types of all ages. Traditionally, foaming cleansers were created with harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Our Tea Cleanser is different; we use ingredients that are naturally derived from corn and coconut oil that’s much more gentle on the skin. Plus, the Tea Cleanser boasts lovely extracts like green tea, cucumber and aloe vera to soothe your skin while leaving it fresh and supple. Great for those over 30 but want to look under 30 if you know what we mean (wink).

For normal to dry skin type, we highly recommend the Silky Milky Cleanser that gently cleanses your skin while moisturising it with plant oils and softening it with papaya extract.

You definitely can! The reason our skin overproduces sebum is because it’s not hydrated enough, for various reasons (seasonal change, over washing, exfoliating, etc.). By using plant oils, we rejuvenate our skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that our skin has been craving, telling our sebaceous glands to relax! We hand-picked jojoba and macadamia oils because they contain a similar molecular structure to our sebum. Plus, we meticulously calculated the absorption rate of each oil to make sure it absorbs into your skin quickly and deeply, leaving no oily residue but a soft and supple face. We got you girl.

Be Fraiche is for all Belles, no matter what their skin type. Our natural, calming and soothing ingredients help protect, smooth and glow out all BFFs.

Firstly, congrats! And secondly, yes you can. We strongly adhere to the industry practice and all of our essential oils and the dosage used are considered safe for pregnant mammas. Though we recommend that you always check with a medical practitioner first in case you’re unsure.