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Why Be Fraiche

5 valid, fool-proof reasons why to choose Be Fraîche for your sensitive skin:


We understand sensitivity

When you are not happy and comfortable in your skin, it affects everything! Your self-esteem, social life dwindles cause makeup just makes it angry.

So as a by-product of creating something gentle, natural, and effective for you, our sensitive Belles, Be Fraîche is basically making you happier and therefore more comfortable in your own skin. We don't just make skincare, but your skin & life's BFF that you can always rely on.


Natural ingredients for the win!

There are no secret formulas here, Be Fraiche is simply about quality, natural ingredients. You’ll never find any of those dirty parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, PEGs, silicones, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and colourings here. Natural products mean natural beauty, which is why you should be feeling magnifique, naturally!


It’s simply works!

We feel blessed and humbled to be part of our Belles’ skincare journey and help them feel comfortable in their skin. Need proofs?


The 'no commitment' commitment

Not sure where to start? Our Starter Pack is the perfect intro for you and your soon to be #BFF (Be Fraiche Face). It’s the perfect no commitment' commitment for you to test the product and see if there’s a spark. Not to brag but we know you’ll love it, we’ll be BFF’s before you know it.


Keepin’ it simple!

Kickin’ it French style, we always try and keep it simple. We’ve got no time for 10-step skincare routines or ingredients lists that go on for days. Just straight-up skincare for sensitive skin in a few products, naturally.