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Great oil cleanser for Winters

I got the Bean scrub for cold winter days when my skin gets parched. This oil based scrub is great for giving me back some moisture! And I haven't bought a thicker moisturiser for this reason. A little goes a long way, the instructions say squeeze a pea - sized and that's definitely true. If you have a tendency to break out, then of course use sparingly, which I have done. It doesn't seem to pose a problem for me. The smell is also wonderfully fresg.

Fresh face cream

I have found The Flower Face Cream to be light, fresh, absorbent, nourishing and smells divine.

Great product

The cleanser works very well for my sensitive skin. It leaves it smooth and never dried out. I am using it daily after shaving and for a quick wash when getting home after a long day at work. Love the subtle and refreshing scent.

*Hands down*

My favourite item was *hands down* the face scrubs! My skin tends to get pretty dry and I have to moisturise once in the morning, during midday and night time along with some mist sprays during the day. Since I started using the scrub my skin has been left feeling much more hydrated so I'm actually moisturising less which is great because as a mum and now pregnant with my second I rarely have time for myself.

Me time

I love this soak and have found the rose to be really relaxing- it has become a lovely part of my routine, and has helped to ensure that I carve out some "me time" in my schedule.

It has done wonders for my skin!

I have loved the the bean face scrub, it has done wonders for my skin, which seems brighter and more blemish-free. I have also found my husband using my the scrub, and the it has really helped with the dermatitis he gets around his T-section.


Loving the the bath soak as it puts me in the most calming mood!

Calm my skin

The face scrub has really helped calm my skin and my breakouts and it smells amazing!

Loving it!

I absolutely love the Bean Face Scrub and so did my friend who I gifted one too! We both love having it as part of our routines!

Loving it!

I am absolutely loving the bath salts they smell beautiful and are sooo relaxing!

So light and gentle

This foamy cleanser has been a life saver for my skin. I have super sensitive skin and suffer from Rosacea so have to be careful what products I use. This is perfect. So light, gentle yet affective. Leaves my skin soothed and clean, never dry.

favourite cleanser

This is one of my favourite cleansers, it doesn't dry out my skin and the fragrance doesn't overpower. I've always preferred a foam cleanser but so many of them are too drying... finally found the perfect one for me.

Spoil Yourself

The beautiful rose ascent and rose petals surround my body and let me feel completely relaxed. The best part of this product is that it smooths my skin and gives me the “Be Loved” feeling.

Divine face cream

Loving this cream, keeps my face mosturise and hydrate, the texture is creamy but when I put it in my face it absorbs quickly, my skin prone to break outs and sensitive however this divine cream perfect for my skin.

Lovely facial oil

I love this oil because it glides onto the face and is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, supple and breathable. I have mature skin and use it as a night oil, it's superb!

Magic facial oil!

Love the smell and feel on my face and neck! It's so fast absorbent that I almost forgot I have put it on! I have used it for 4 weeks and start noticing my lines on my neck become smoothened. Strongly recommend this product!

Feeling Clean and Smooth Face

I have used different foaming cleansers before but I didn't feel clean with the foaming products. After I tried this Tea Cleanser, I trusted the foaming can give me the clean and smooth feeling. Thanks the Tea Cleanser giving me the confidence back to use the foaming cleanser. I can smell the Tea scented while I wash my face. My face doesn't feel dry after I use it. This is a great cleanser so try yourself!

I'm impressed!

I love using this bundle for my dry skin! My skin feel really fresh, smooth & moisturised. All the products have very nice & subtle scents which are totally different from other brands I've used before.
The Seed Face Oil is definitely the winner for me. I only need a few drops and it absorbs instantly into my skin. When I use it together with the Flower Face Cream overnight, my skin feels plump and revived the in the morning. The Bean Face Scrub is very gentle, it's not abrasive but scrubs really well.
I've been using the whole set for more than a month and I'm really impressed! I can't help but bought some for my friends to try as Christmas gifts! :)

Relaxing and smells amazing!

A beautiful product that would make a perfect gift

Smells amazing!

This is hands down my favourite skincare brand. I've noticed such a massive difference since I've been using it (now going makeup free every day) and the smell is so relaxing. Also, customer service is excellent. Very happy! x


I like the product as it is natural


This face oil is perfect for my dehydrated and congested skin. I have had issues in the past with breaking out after using some oils but haven't had any issues with this one. I really like the fact that it has minimal essential oils in it and contains Prickly Pear Seed Oil (which I've read good things about!)

bean face scrub

I have been using the bean scrub since 2016 and am delighted with its consistency and results on my face. Is not easy to find a workable not too rough face scrub for mature age skin and so I keep using this product as its lovely .


This oil is seriously the best product I have ever used on my face. It absorbs well and smells amazing. I have had comments on how great my skin looks since I’ve started using it. I’ll be sticking to this gem!

Great trial set

I have been trialling the starter set for the last few weeks and I'm really loving the products. The cleanser is not drying at all, unlike a lot of cleansers I've tried in the past. The Flower Cream has a really nice scent and is so hydrating (especially when combined with the face oil). I will definitely be purchasing the full sized products when I've run out of the samples.