How long do skincare products take to show results?

How long do skincare products take to show results?

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When it comes to skincare, we’ve found that there are two common types of individuals.

Either you are the type of person who changes your skincare products as often as you change your clothes, or you’re someone who sticks it out for the long haul but hasn’t seen results from your past skin care experiences.

Does either of these types sound like you? Keep reading, because this guide is for you! Before we dive deep into the reality of skincare results, go ahead and repeat after us:

Image of Rachel smiling into the mirror with Be Fraiche Tea Cleanser smeared on her face, with the text "skincare is a marathon, not a sprint", "each skincare product takes time to show their worth"

“Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint”

Did you know that our skin needs 28 days to renew itself? That means, you’ll need to stick to your new skincare routine for a minimum of 28 days to see consistent results.

We have compiled some of the most typical results timeframes into a handy guide, so that you can get a feel for roughly how long it can take them to show you the results you’re hoping for.


Exfoliation is an important step in any skin care regime.

⁠Their job is to remove dead skin cells and renew the surface of your skin. Some scrubs and exfoliators, including our Smooth & Glow Exfoliator, can also double as a face mask, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and dewy almost straight away! ⁠

Hot tip: Make sure your exfoliator is not too harsh – it should be non-abrasive and non-gritty, helping your skin achieve maximum glow!

CLEANSERS: Immediately-up to 1 month⁠

The purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse your face of the daily grime, so you'll always feel fresh and clean straight after you rinse if off! ⁠

Some cleansers have extra benefits (including our Tea Cleanser & Silky Milky Cleanser) such as calming acne, reducing redness and balancing oil production. These additional skin benefits can be long-lasting, and you can typically see extended results after the first month.⁠

Why a month? As we mentioned earlier, that’s how long it takes for the skin to rejuvenate – so stick to it, Belles!

MOISTURISERS: 1-2 weeks⁠

Moisturisers are a must have in any skincare regime, and it’s important that you’re using it twice daily for the best effects.

Make sure you look for a moisturiser that is made from antioxidant-rich plant oils and soothing flower extracts for the best results, like our Flower Face Cream. You’ll be defending your skin against free radicals while keeping your face looking smooth, calm, healthy, and youthful. Who wouldn’t love that?

To build up your hydration and feel the effects of soft, hydrated and plumper skin, use your moisturiser consistently for results within 2 weeks.⁠ You’ll feel smoother each time you apply!


When it comes to treatment products, such as Serums, Face Oils, Eye Creams and Retinols, it can take a little more time to show their true benefits.

We recommend allowing your skin to go through its full circle of cell turnover of 28 days, as well as allowing an additional 28 days for their renewal. ⁠

The key is consistency, so make sure you keep doing what you’re doing and future you will reap the rewards!


So what happens next?

It’s important to remember that these timeframes are just a guideline: as just like personalities, everybody’s skin is different. Some of our Belles will achieve results quickly, and others will take a little more time.

The important fact to take away is that skincare needs time to work its magic – there are no magic wands, just high quality, natural products that are designed just for you!

It takes our skin 28 days to renew itself, which is why a good routine is a must. Testing out a product at the chemist or using a one off sample product won’t give you the full picture, which is why we’ve created our Starter Sets that come with Free Shipping and a 30-day happiness guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to snap up some Be Fraiche goodies of your own!

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