STOP Buying New Skincare If You Haven't Done This!

STOP Buying New Skincare If You Haven't Done This!

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With millions of different products on the market that claim to do this and that, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed in the world of skincare, especially when you aren’t seeing a positive improvement in your skin.

BUT, before you splurge on more and part with your hard-earned cash, let's simplify your routine and address your skin's specific needs. By focusing on key steps and incorporating targeted products (such as serums or oils), you can achieve healthy, glowing skin, minus the headache! Let's dive in!

Simplify Your Daily Routine:

Don't fall for the misconception that more products mean better results. The “less is more” approach really works wonders for your skin. To get that all natural glow, you only really need 3 products to start with:

  • A good cleanser: Use a gentle cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. The Tea Cleanser is best for oily, combination skin while our Silky Milky Cleanser works best for dry or mature skin.
  • A moisturiser that truly nourishes: Finding the right moisturiser for your skin can be tricky. We’ve been there too! Formulated with balance in mind, our Flower Face Cream keeps your skin hydrated without feeling greasy. Thanks to a myriad of antioxidant and hydrating ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, your skin will feel soft and hydrated all day long!
  • Sun Protection: Don't forget sunscreen! Make sure you protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen (at least SPF 30+). Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging. Not only this, but with ⅔ Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70, as my mother always used to say, prevention is better than a cure!

Review Your Weekly Routine:

Take a moment to reflect on your weekly skincare routine and ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I over-exfoliating?
  • Do I really need all these other products? Retinols, AHAs, BHAs, eye cream, essence, serums, face mists?

By asking yourself these questions, you can simplify your routine and identify the culprits that may be causing your current skin concerns. Dryness and redness are often caused by overexfoliation, while congested skin is usually a sign of unsuitable products. Most people don’t realise that overloading their skin with a bunch of different products has more of a negative impact versus a positive one.

Incorporate Targeted Serums:

Next, let’s address your specific skin concerns with the right type of support:

    Dry Skin:

    If your skin tends to appear dry, incorporate a nourishing facial oil with ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, or rosehip oil to provide intense hydration and restore the skin's moisture barrier. We recommended The Seed Face Oil which contains a myriad skin-repairing and moisturising ingredients.

      Oily, Combination Skin:

      Combat excess oils and maintain a balanced complexion with a moisturiser like The Flower Face Cream . Including hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, both of which help to regulate oil production and minimise the appearance of large pores.


        Soothe and calm sensitive skin with a specialised serum, such as our Le Calme Serum. Formulated with anti-inflammatory and probiotic ingredients, Le Calme does just that - calm! Revealing a happier, calmer complexion after each use.


          Combat signs of aging with an anti-aging serum like our Sans Souci Serum. Enriched with Bakuchiol, Kakadu Plum, Bird Of Paradise and Finger Lime to brighten hyperpigmentation, and stimulate cell turnover for brighter, firmer skin.

            So before you whip out your wallet and decide to go on a shopping spree, simplify your routine and review your weekly skincare practices. It will save you time and money otherwise wasted on products you simply don’t need. With these steps in mind, you can achieve healthy, glowing skin without the overwhelm! Remember Belle, it's about the quality, NOT the quantity of the products.

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