7 superfoods for gorgeous, radiant skin

7 superfoods for gorgeous, radiant skin

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Caring for your skin usually means cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising your face & body but we also believe that beauty starts from the inside out and - to borrow a cliche - your are what you eat. Your diet can go a long way in giving you the type of clear, radiant skin that says ‘I just got back from a month-long holiday in Cannes.’

While we love to snack on chocolate-filled croissants just as much as the next Belles, we also make room on our plates for foods that are loaded with skin-loving antioxidants and nutrients. Ready to eat your way to a beautiful, glowing complexion? These are the 7 best foods to nourish your skin.

    1. Avocado

    Healthy food for great skin - avocado

      Not only does it taste delish on your morning toast, avocado happens to be an amazing skin superfood! It’s rich in essential fatty acids, which are known for keeping your skin supple and hydrated. Avocados are also a fantastic source of antioxidant carotenoids, which help to fight off the free radicals that lead to premature ageing. Hello, youthful skin!

      Avocado also makes a wonderful face and hair mask. Blend smash avocado with yogurt and leave it on your skin and hair to see the miracle. That's one way to care for your skin inside out!

        2. Olive oil

        Healthy food for great skin - olive oil

          Remember how we filled you in on the incredible skin benefits of oil? Well, it turns out they’re just as good for you on the inside as on the outside. Olive oil, that is! Whether you cook with it or drizzle it over your salads, your skin will thank you for its potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

            3. Turmeric

            Healthy food for great skin - turmeric

              This spice is about to become your skin’s newest BFF. It’s known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to being high in the active ingredient, curcumin. It helps to dry up oily skin, ward off acne, minimise pigmentation and slow the appearance of ageing! It can help fade scars when used directly on the skin. Treat yourself to a daily golden mylk latte (turmeric milk) or add fresh turmeric to your meals to reap the benefits.

                4. Dark chocolate

                Healthy food for great skin - dark chocolate

                  Yes, you read that correctly! Eating your favourite sweet treat can make your skin glow like a disco ball. This is because it’s high in cocoa flavanols, which help to hydrate the skin and improve circulation. When it comes to making delicious treats with chocolate, the options are endless. It does well in smoothies, desserts, or on its own. Opt for a dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cacao, as it will be higher in skin-boosting antioxidants and lower in sugar!

                    5. Walnuts

                      Much like olive oil and avocado, walnuts are rich in the good fats that lead to ah-mazing skin. In fact, they’re the only type of nuts that contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids! So, the next time you’re feeling peckish for a snack, go nuts with walnuts — your skin will adore you for it.

                        6. Oysters

                          They’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but oysters are the best source of dietary zinc. This mineral plays a huge role in keeping your skin in tip-top condition, as it aids with the growth and function of skin cells. Seafood picnic by the beach, anyone?

                            7. Pomegranates

                              Love that lightly flushed look you get after you drink a glass of Moet? Look no further than the fruit aisle at the supermarket. Pomegranates are packed with polyphenol antioxidants that regulate the skin’s blood flow, giving it that rosy-cheek look. Oh go on - drink the bubbly, too!


                              - by Emma N.


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