8 essentials for a girls’ night in

8 essentials for a girls’ night in

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Girls Night In - Girls Only

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With the weather getting chillier, it can be hard to leave the comfort of your home at night. But at the same time, you still want to be social and hang out with your fellow Belles! The solution? Bring your BFFs to you by inviting them over for a girly night in!  You get to catch up on the latest goss, eat delicious foods and pamper yourselves — all without breaking the bank. Talk about the perfect night in! Here are 8 essentials you should have on hand:

1. Comfy but chic loungewear

Even when you’re just lounging around with your girlfriends, you want to look your best. Luckily, there are plenty of loungewear options that are just as cute as they cosy. Think oversized knits, cuffed sweatpants and bright Ugg boots. Lace and oversize shirts are also feminine and comfortable.

2. Pampering supplies

Why not use your girls’ night in as an excuse to have a pampering sesh? You’ll feel like you’re at the spa as you give each other mani-pedis and relax in your face masks. Our Smooth & Glow Exfoliator is a great option, as it’s in a tube so is easily shared amongst your pals.Make sure you take plenty of selfies with your gorgeous, smooth skin afterwards!

3. A candle

To really give your home that spa feel, you’re going to need a delicious-smelling candle. Whether you go for a sweet vanilla scent or zesty citrus, your friends are sure to compliment you on how amazing your home smells!

4. The perfect playlist

No soiree would be complete without some great tunes. Whether you want to have a boogie to some 90s pop or relax with some chilled beats, there are endless options on Spotify. You can even search ‘Girl’s night in’ for pre-made playlists!

5. Movies

Once you’re feeling relaxed and looking gorgeous, it’s time to tune in to some movies! Rom-coms are always a hit for a girls’ night in, or you could go old-school and rewatch some of a series like Gossip Girl or The OC. There are plenty of options you can stream on Netflix or Stan.

6. Throw rugs

For maximum cosiness, make sure you have plenty of throw rugs on hand for your friends to snuggle up under. Pillows are always a good idea, too!

7. Snacks

You’re going to need some yummy snacks to munch on during your movie-fest. A platter with French cheeses, fruit and crackers is always a delicious and elegant choice. You can even include some of these skin-boosting foods for bonus points. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate!

8. Red wine

Let’s face it — everything is more fun when there’s red wine involved. Why not treat yourselves to a nice bottle of French vino or Rosé. Or if you’re feeling really fancy, you could even splash out on a bottle of champagne!

Girls Night In - Girls Only cheese platter red wine


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