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Infographic: How to define my skin type?

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We’re often asked by our belles: “How do I determine my skin type? It’s changing all the time!”

Getting to know your skin type is necessary in order to choose the right products for your skin. Just like you, your skin need food, the nourishing kind of food, not the type of food that makes your skin feel smooth but do nothing in the long run.

First, let’s define skin types. Skin types are determined by genetics and ethnicity. Most of us have very good skin until puberty; it’s when our skin starts to change due to hormones and from there a skin type is established throughout our adulthood.

A skin type is determined by the amount of oil (sebum) that our sebaceous glands produce and the skin texture/ complexion.


How to define skin types

We have 5 common skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. The later can also be considered as a skin condition. Skin conditions are the temporary states that your skin is in. Think acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging and hyperpigmentation, they’re skin conditions. Everyone has a skin type but not everyone has a skin condition. Sensitivity is the skin’s tendency to get inflamed and redness due to various internal and external triggers. Hence, it can be both skin type and skin condition.

Your skin type can change depending on your age, health, lifestyle and climate. So as long as your oil production and skin texture change, your skin type changes. For instance, during colder month, our skin tends to get drier; or as we get older our oil glands produce less oil compared to our younger age.

And because your skin type is determined by the amount of oil secreted by the skin, follow these steps to know your skin types:

      1. First, remove make-up, wash your face clean and pat dry.
      2. Leave your skin alone for a couple of hours without putting any products or make-up on.
      3. Examine your skin and see if you notice the following signs:

      Skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive.

      Let's dive into skincare routine for each skin type in the next blog post. Don't worry if you think you have more than 2 skin types (i.e. Dry and sensitive, combination and sensitive, etc). The more you know about your skin, the closer you are to creating your perfect skincare routine.

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