10 Products to Help Motivate You in 2022

10 Products to Help Motivate You in 2022

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It’s already February but many of us are still struggling with motivation to achieve all the goals we set for 2022. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Whether it’s health/wellness goals, life/business goals or simply mindset you’re struggling with, we’ve got you! Here are 10 of our favourite products from fellow Australian businesses. We thought these might help you along your journey to achieving your goals and being the healthiest and happiest you!

Motivate and care for your body with:

Water Bottle from Real Active

Did you know approximately 80% of Australians are dehydrated every single day? Drinking water is such a simple thing with so many amazing benefits - clear skin, more energy, better digestion – yes please! But our lives get so busy that sometimes we just forget to drink water. Real Active 2.2L Diamond Water Bottles are a beautiful reminder to drink up before those dehydration symptoms kick in. Simply fill up your bottle in the morning and drink the whole thing before the day is up! We love that Real Active donate 10% of their proceeds to mental health charities too.

Check out Real Active 2.2L Water Bottles here.

Feel-good skincare from Be Fraîche

Three Be Fraiche products on beige and baby blue background. From left to right: a beautiful woman's hand holding The Seed Face Oil dropper with golden oil dripping from the tip, Smooth and Glow Exfoliator with lid open showing the lucious scrub texture, The Flower Face Cream and a pink flower.

When you’re not happy and comfortable in your skin, it can really affect your self-esteem and motivation. When your skin glows, so do you! If you’re looking for healthy skin and a simple, easy routine, Be Fraîche skincare is for you. Formulated using the most powerful and soothing herbs and scientifically proven natural ingredients, Be Fraîche products are designed to calm, soothe, and strengthen sensitive skin over the long term. You don't need a lengthy 10-step skincare routine either! Simply pick a bundle that suits your skin type or try their starter sets for a few weeks before grabbing the full-size.

Check out Be Fraîche skincare here.

    Protein Balls from Health Enthusiast Co

      Our body needs energy to give our brains the best chance of functioning optimally. But often we can fuel our bodies with things that actually have the opposite effect. You know those days, the days where you reach for that extra coffee or sweet treat at 3pm. Health Enthusiast Co Protein Balls are the perfect option for healthy snacking on-the-go. They are high in protein, high in fibre, full of healthy fats and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

      Check out Health Enthusiast Co Protein Balls here.

        Inspire Gym Towels from Real Active

          Exercise is one of the most beneficial things we can do, not only for our physical health but for our mental health. And if you’re anything like us, getting new fitness gear gives you that little bit of extra motivation to workout. Real Active Gym Towels contain beautiful affirmations to motivate and inspire you through the hardest workouts. Their handy zip pocket means you won't be losing your phone and keys and the super absorbent material will stay dry, no matter the workout intensity. 

          Check out Real Active Gym Towels here.

          De-clutter your mind and keep your life organised with:

            Wall Planner from Daily Orders

              We can feel so much lighter and calmer when we are organised! Daily Orders acrylic wall planners have been changing lives since 2015. Their simple, no mess design and their beautiful bright liquid chalk markers allow everyone in your family to see what is coming up, so there are no missed appointments, no missed pickups and less fights about who was meant to be where at what time. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it? Available in over 20 different designs, you'll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

              Check out Daily Orders Wall Planners here.

                Diary and Life Planner from Intrinsic


                  Personal growth and organisation is easy with Intrinsic's inspirational diaries, full of motivational quotes by Australian positivity queen Adèle Basheer. They’re a diary, life planner and journal all in one, containing self-care rituals and mindfulness tips, guided journaling and reflection pages, habit-tracking and so much more.

                  Check out Intrinsic’s Diaries here.

                  Fill your soul with love & gratitude with:

                    Gratitude Journal from I Am Happy, I Am Here


                      Writing in a gratitude journal has so many benefits. It can lower stress levels, calm the mind and leave you feeling more content with life. I Am Happy, I Am Here gratitude journals have questions focusing on gratitude, goals, self-love and reflection. Each journal comes with a 14 Day Gratitude Challenge booklet. This booklet has 14+ topics to get you thinking outside the box when writing in your gratitude journal.  The goal is to teach you how to practice gratitude and see gratitude in all different places, big and small.

                      Check out I Am Happy, I Am Here Gratitude journals here.

                        She Believed She Could So She Did Bangle from Be Bangles

                          We love affirmations and mantras. They are so powerful and really help motivate us and shift any self-doubt. Be Bangles make stunning minimalist bangles engraved with inspirational (and sometimes cheeky) mantras. They remind you that YOU get to choose who you are each day. They’re perfect gifts for someone you love or as a gift to yourself. A Be Bangle is a wearable reminder to believe in yourself and make it happen!

                          Check out Be Bangles here.

                            Motivational Socks from Real Active


                              One of the best ways to start practising affirmations or mantras is to incorporate them into your everyday routine. For example, you could say an affirmation in the mirror after you brush your teeth every morning. One thing you may do every day is put on your socks, and we love Real Active’s new Motivational Socks. With words like Enough, Grateful, Strong and Warrior, they are simple reminders to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. They have breathable mesh panels so are perfect for running or working out, along with everyday general wear.

                              Check out Real Active Motivational Socks here.

                                Affirmation Cards from Intrinsic

                                  Intrinsic’s Intuition Cards are like having a life coach at your fingertips - giving you a shot of wisdom, inspiration and motivation in the one hit. Each affirmation card begins with a thought-provoking word, before opening up to an inspirational quote by Adèle Basheer. These little cards are the perfect accompaniment for reaching your goals and keeping you on track to pursue your dreams. Through good times and struggles, they are a constant source of intuitive wisdom to help you persist, persevere, stay ambitious and believe in yourself. 

                                  Check out Intrinsic Intuition Cards here.

                                  We hope you love these beautiful products as much as we do! Let us know in the comments which products help you stay motivated.

                                  10 products that keep you motivated in 2022 including Be Fraiche skincare products for sensitive skin, water bottles, gratitude journals, daily planner, wall planner, protein balls, socks with affirmation, bangles with affirmation, gym towel and affirmation cards

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