Everything Fraîche Bundle | For All Skin Types
Everything Fraîche Bundle | For All Skin Types
Everything Fraîche Bundle | For All Skin Types
Everything Fraîche Bundle | For All Skin Types

Everything Fraîche Bundle | For All Skin Types

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Because every day should be a ‘good-skin’ day! Our Everything Fraîche Bundle is the ultimate fuss-free care for your skin without all the complications of AHA-what’s and retinol-who’s! Including a full-size version of all our key products, you’ll be totes fraîche 24/7.

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Customer Reviews

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Love everything and their scents!

I came across a recommendation for Be Fraiche in a comment on someones post... Decided on a whim to give it a shot and I can honestly say I love the cleanser, the oil, the moisturiser and the exfoliator... and ALL of their scents! Which is huge for me. I have a very sensitive nose and I'm so particular. I've had to throw out or give away way too many skin products because I can't stand what they smell like. So... I'm absolutely stoked right now! And my skin feels amazing too, eek! :)

The best of the best natural goodness

This stuff is absolute magic im a real skincare lover and im always on the hunt for skincare thats natural and full of goodness and i FINALLY found it!! I am thoroughly enjoying using this my skin just loves it so much its never been softer, smoother and glowing not to mention comfortable and hydrated. If I could give this 10 or evan 100 i would!!! I could go on Pure MAGIC thank you!!!

Samantha Hinchliffe
Long term use and great results!

I have been using be Fraiche for the bulk of my skin care routine for a little over a year now and I love it. Particular favourite is the face oil.

My husband also started using it in the lead up to our wedding when he asked me for help to ‘sort out his face’ and both of our skin was lovely and clear and moisturised on the day.

Husband just pretty much uses the foaming cleanser twice a day and the flower moisturiser in the morning and the oil at night.

I think that the best review is my husband who usually resists any sort of self beautification ritual asking me if he should keep using it now that the wedding is over. I told him he could if he wanted and he responded ‘well, it does make me feel better about myself’ and really isn’t that what we want from skin care?

Ps. Please bring out a toner and serum because I like having all matching bottles.

Victoria Sivinski
Beautiful products

I loved the skin care kit, especially the flower cream moisturiser. The bean scrub caused a little bit of redness but not for long. I have sensitive skin. Love the face oil and the tea cleanser.

Thank You Be Fraiche

I woke this morning for the first time in weeks and my skin feels so calm and comfortable. Isolation and daily home schooling has been unkind to my skin.
Truly grateful to have found your brand.