Our Founder


Helen Dao | Founder of Be Fraiche Skincare

Hello belles and beaux,

I'm Helen, founder and formulator at Be Fraîche Skincare.

Let me tell you some good news: your wait for all-natural skincare that works and smells divine (and looks gorgeous) is now over! (Hurrah!) Because I’ve created it, for you, and for me.

My natural skincare journey started with my skin type.

I have sensitive combination skin.

If you wonder what that is, it means having constant oily T-zone and dry and sensitive cheeks. For years, my skin had made me feel like an outcast whom no skincare company would bother making products for.

My relationship with skincare was like a series of bad dates that cost me lots of money. Despite all the claims, nothing seemed to tick all the boxes: natural, oil balancing but hydrating, nourishing, soothing for dryness and sensitivity, and a divine scent. I then came to the conclusion: if no one else was going to make skincare for me, I was going to make my own skincare. (Yes, I’m plucky like that).

From a hobby, making skincare quickly became an educational pursuit. I knew there were also many “outcasts” like me struggling with their skin and more people looking for better natural products. I decided to learn the ins and outs of skincare and create a fab range for us.

In 2014, leaving my corporate job behind, I enrolled with an organic cosmetic science school in the UK. I started researching and formulating my products in the same year. My aim was to create the natural skincare that is genuinely effective, is truly nourishing, is gentle on skin and is pleasant to use.

In 2015, upon completing my Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulation and Tutor Training, I travelled to Grasse, France, to learn about the art of perfumery. My products’ scents were conceived there, in Grasse.

In 2016, Be Fraîche was born.