FAQs - General Questions

Anything you need to know about the brand & products before we go skin-deep. Grab your green tea and get comfortable Belle, we’ve got your questions answered.

No, no, definitely not and they never will. Our products are completely free from parabens, sulfates (SLS, SLE), petrochemicals, PEGs, silicones, aluminium, synthetic fragrances and colourings (all the nasties, you name them). We only make our products with natural plant oils, plant butters, essential oils, and herb & flower extracts, as they're more potent, nourishing, and good for your skin.

Absolutely not. Our products are only tested on Belles. First on Helen, our founder, then on the volunteering belles and beaux in our friendly circles.

All our products are 100% safe for our vegan Belles. Every product from our face oil down to our bath salts are made only out of plant-based materials. This will never change.

You know it! Good for you, good for our environment. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, so be sure to put it in the right place once you’re done Belles.

Oui, all of our scents and fragrances are 100% natural (and smell amaze)
made from pure and organic essential oils. As Helen was trained in
Europe, she closely adheres to the world’s strictest fragrance standards
as set out by the International Fragrances Association (IFRA). So much
so that our essential oils have been thoroughly researched and
lab-tested for toxicity prior to being used in our products. In other
words we’ve got your back (and face girl).

Our Starter Sets are the perfect introduction to the Be Fraiche family. Enough to last for a week or two and see early results. We have a feeling we’ll see you back for more, just saying.

Our products are proudly made in Sydney, Australia.

We're so glad you asked! Because we're not a faceless company, nor a brand backed by a celebrity. We're proud to say Be Fraîche is created by an ordinary yet hard-working sensitive-skinned Belle for all Belles & Beaux who need better solutions for their sensitive skin. Visit our About page to learn more about our founder/ formulator, Helen, her journey and why she started Be Fraîche.

The pronunciation is very similar to "fresh" in English. But if you want to sound more French, try this.

Good question! It's very simple.

For PC: hold
the "Alt" key and type "140".

For Mac: Press “i” while holding down “option”.

 Here you go: î,  in Fraîche.