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Flowers for Mother's Day: styling tips from the Flower Chief

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Are you stuck with ideas on what flowers to get for Mum this Mother's Day?

We've interviewed Zoe Lamont, the Flower Chief at Petal Post for tips on how to style flowers for Mothers’ Day and what's in their box this month.

Petal Post Zoe Lamont

Hi Zoe, we've received our flowers last month and we loved it! Having fresh flowers delivered to our doors is such a lovely idea! Can you please tell us a bit about you and the beautiful concept of Petal Post?

Petal Post is a Sydney-based online florist that delivers fresh Australian-grown flowers in a specially designed box, direct to your home or office. We are changing the way people in Sydney send and receive flowers. Our unique subscription box offers great variety, freshness at an affordable price range. The Petal Post difference is that  the flowers and foliage are selected for the customer, which they arrange themselves expressing their own creativity. Simple assembly instructions are included in every box along with information on the specific flowers, where they were grown and simple arrangement tips. One selection of flowers is created per week, with each box personally curated with flowers and foliage that compliment each other, along with styling tips specific to the chosen flowers of the week.

Chrysanthemums are the symbolic flowers on Mothers' Day. Can you share with us some ideas on how to arrange them? 

Chrysanthemums are traditionally given at Mother’s Day as their natural flowering season is Autumn and they contain the word mum!  Whenever we use ‘Chryssies’ in our selections we always pair them with other blooms such as Rose, or Lily.  They make a perfect companion flower, adding a pop of colour or touch of texture.  I especially love using Buttons!

We absolutely adore Rose & Lily! Besides those, what are other flowers you recommend for Mothers' Day?

Rose, Lily or a bold bunch of natives & wildflowers.  This Mother’s Day we have a beautiful bunch of scented Stock, in whites, lilac, pink & fuchsia with a touch of Joey Fern.

hat’s in your May flower boxes?

We will definitely be showcasing natives & wildflowers as we come into the cooler months these are at a premium. We love to mix natives with fresh, softer textures.  Ranunculus may make an appearance and Stock too!

Can you share with us the best skincare tips you've been given?

My Grannie, who has beautiful skin and looks much younger than her actual years (which I won’t reveal, but it begins with a ‘9’, but she could pass for a ‘7’!) has told me that she always looked after her skin, not necessarily with very expensive products, just consistent care.   I remember this advice and follow! 

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